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Why Hiring a Link Building Company is a Really Good Idea

Published on May 30, 2018
by Samer Awada

Link building is a powerful marketing strategy that is underutilized by many website owners & companies. Bigger companies prefer to spend their marketing budget solely on Facebook & Google Ads, but what most of them don’t realize is that paid advertising will always be “paid advertising”. There is no way out of that one, with paid online marketing your leads, sales & website traffic will depend entirely on your monthly allocated budget.

Why Should Companies Allocate a Good Portion of their Budget to SEO? 

Simple! Search Engine Optimization should be the bread and butter of any website. Imagine receiving all your current paid traffic for free! The good thing about SEO is that when Google starts to index your website and you start appearing on the first page of Google for your target keywords, you will see a boom in your website traffic and will continue to for years to come.

Before you know it the traffic that you will be generating organically will be worth thousands of dollars more than you will ever be able to spend on expensive paid advertising. Another good thing about this traffic is that it’s organic, your audience will feel an authentic sense of trust when they land on your site. Check out this image of one of our client's monthly traffic. You can see on the bottom left that their current monthly traffic is worth more than 600k/month.

Link Building Company Results

Does Organic Traffic Convert Better Than Paid Traffic? 

Yes, think about it. When you look for a product or a service on Google what are you more inclined to click on and trust? An ad that a company is paying to force users to click and visit their website or a search result placed on the first page of Google? If you are like most people you will click on the organic search result. This is because these websites earned the trust of Google which subconsciously makes you (the user) trust the well-ranked website as well.

How Should Companies Transition Into SEO? 

The time that it will take you to rank on Google will depend on how competitive your niche industry is. A good way to start is to target long-tailed keywords. These are longer keywords that have lower search volume but include your desired short-term keywords in them. This way you can begin to rank for longer but relevant keywords and search phrases. This will help Google identify what your website is about, slowly establish yourself as an authority in Google’s eyes and begin to slowly rank for shorter high-volume keywords as you continue to earn the trust of the search engines.

Publish content on your website with your keywords included in various part of your article/page. Visit this article and scroll to the section titled "What to Expect When Ordering Our Link Building Products" which lists all the places on your page that your keyword should be featured on.

What is Link Building and What Part Does it Play When it Comes to Your Google Rankings? 

Link building is essentially the much-needed cherry on the cake. Once all your on-site due diligence is taken care of you will be ready to start building backlinks for your website and pages. Essentially you will want other websites to publish content relevant to your niche industry with your keywords hyperlinked back to your website. You will want the landing page of these hyperlinks to be fully optimized for the keyword you are aiming to rank on the first page of Google.

How Can I Start Link Building? 

Is not hard to build links but it does take a lot of time. So much time that most business owners don’t have the time to do it themselves. Essentially you will be spending time reaching out to other website owners and asking to link back to your website. Most of them will charge for this. Another way is to build your own internal network of news/blog websites and constantly publish fresh content that occasionally links back to your main website.

If you are like most business owners, then you don’t really have time to build links. This is why we build our business base of the need of others to constantly build links.

Concluding, link building and SEO yields a higher return on investment in the long run and will allow your business to scale online. Paid advertising should not be ignored but it should not be your main source of lead generation & growth. Slowly work your way into generating organic traffic and before you know it your business will boom!

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