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What Makes A Good Link Building Company?

Published on July 02, 2019
by Samer Awada

Online marketing has taken root so much that it has become an essential part of company marketing. This era is ruled by online communities. Everything is moving online. People have had to develop ways to ensure they can be seen amidst the cornucopia of online content. Link building is a practice that ensures the company website is visible through other sites. It makes the company site valuable as it is deemed worthy by citation.

However, it requires quite a bit of skill. It is becoming an industry all on its own. People are gaining specialized skills for SEO and specifically, link building. It is important to choose the best experts in the field for a better chance at a successful and valuable link building campaign.

The Company

The link building team should widely invest in technology and tools required to service companies. They should be aware of the latest techniques. The SEO field is constantly expanding. The company should not be left behind. They should stay abreast of these and know how and where to apply each strategy.

The service should also have a professional and competent team. A team is only as good as its members. The staff should, therefore, be properly trained and capable to handle the job. As such, each solution should be customized to the client. A cookie cutter approach does not belong in link building or SEO. That said, ethics is an important component. Only ethical practices should be used. Nothing black hat as it only works to hurt the client in the long run.

The service should only make realistic promises. Execution should be timely. There should also be follow up and unwavering support from the company. This is fairly new stuff, the service should, therefore, ensure the clients are well educated.


This is perhaps the most important aspect in any company. The staff of a company can quite possibly sink the ship if they deemed so. The staff should comprise of all the necessary and relevant experts. Link building can be done without the technical facets. However, as a company offering a service, they should be able to provide every possible link building option there is.

There is a need for creativity and ingenuity. This is the ability to develop inspired solutions. There should also be a level of curiosity. The need to deviate from standard practice. To be a trailblazer of sorts. There should be an abundance of analytical skills. The ability to analyze data. Whether it is checking backlink portfolios or tracking progress. Ability to note trends and changes.

There should also be some sales capability and experience. See, most people do not know they need link building until they have it. They have to be convinced it is a worthwhile expenditure. The people should, therefore, be able to put the clients in a comfortable space of appreciation for the services. This also comes in handy when convincing sources to add links to their websites.

Probably should not mention this but it is absolutely necessary that every single member of the company have a good grasp of link building and SEO strategies in general. One cannot accurately and effectively explain or sell something they have nary a knowledge of.

The Work

The company is propped on strong pillars of excellence. The people are driven and competent. The work should, therefore, speak for itself at this point. Experts say that the hardest links to acquire are usually the most valuable. This is what the client pays for. Value. Value pushes the ranking for the website. Valuable link building drives traffic to the traffic.

Link Building Campaign

The sources sought should be authoritative sites. They should be valuable sites themselves. There are several markers for a good site. The first is content value. What use is the site to the visitors? Do not go for an ad sense creation. This will not last and it might diminish the value of the client website too. There should be an engaged audience in the site. Most people think that link building should only be done with big and popular sources. However, if a source has potential. That is, it is only fairly or little well known but with absolute engagement. Then, it is worth pursuing as a source.

Then look at the inbound and outbound links. An inbound link is like the inflow. Which websites lead visitors to this website? Those should be quality. There should not be black hat link building involved in that. Outbound links are other sites that use this particular source. The website should lead to other valuable sites. Not to spammy destinations.

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