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Website Facelift: New SEO Products & Subscriptions

Published on July 08, 2019
by Samer Awada

In the past 2 months, we have been hard at work on our new website. To help you understand why we decided to re-launch this site let me first take you back to when we first launched OneSEO.

It was around May of 2018 when we first released OneSEO. When it was first released we did not expect to receive any orders at all for at least 6 months. However, the company generated $1,000 in the first month. and continued to grow month over month.

After seeing this we started advertising on Facebook in order to drive some qualified leads to the website. Long story short this allowed us t scale exponentially to where we are supplying very large clients, and we have remained profitable since day 1.

How did we continue to scale & retain our clients?

We are not a fan of contracts at all. They feel slimy and unauthentic. We prefer allowing clients to cancel anytime with month-to-month commitment. Clients that ordered from us two months in a row, were contacted by our support team (we don't have a sales team) and offered a custom SEO subscription in exchange for a discounted rate and additional benefits like monthly ranking reports and a truly hands-free approach that included some on-site work as well.

This worked seamlessly because they had already intended to continue ordering from us, and for us, offering subscriptions validated the subscription model that we wanted to steer the company towards while allowing us to retain our clients and begin to generate predictable income to help with our marketing budget.

We knew that at some point we had to incorporate the subscription feature directly on the website, but after starting the development of the Stripe subscription integration, we decided to hold off the release of the feature and launch it along with our website redesign, which also included the restructuring of our SEO products.

There were multiple reasons we wanted to re-brand our company, here are a few of them:

  • Not happy with our logo
  • Not satisfied with the overall look and feel of the website including our fonts
  • The backend code of our initial release was rushed and not built to scale over time
  • It would take the same amount of time to refactor our codebase as opposed to starting from scratch
  • Some of our products stopped performing as they were previously, so we wanted to restructure, remove and add new ones.

Okay, let's dive into the changes made...

Subscriptions & Bulk Discounts

We integrated subscriptions directly on the order pages. You will able to save 15% on all product subscriptions and an additional 10% on all orders with a quantity of 5 or more.

For example, our blogger outreach of LRD 100+ priced at $95/each can now be discounted heavily if your order has 5 or more links and you also opt to subscribe to the product every month.

seo subscriptions

Cancel at any time directly on your dashboard.

SEO Product Restructuring

Blogger Outreach Service: Our manual blogger outreach SEO service has been completely restructured. We no longer depend on a website's domain authority to price our links. We switched from; Domain Authority (DA) to Linking Root Domains (LRDs).

There are multiple reasons we decided to make this shift:

1. Performance

We realized that many sites with Domain Authority of 40+ which is considered really good, did not have the traffic to justify the price. They also did not perform as good as a website that had a domain authority of let's say 23 but a linking root domain score of 250+ with a good amount of consistent search traffic.

2. Price Flexibility

It's difficult to find a quality niche website that has a domain authority of 40 or over. This is one of the reasons this product was priced higher. Our clients simply wanted good quality websites that would generate good results for them. In an intent to find a better way to approach manual blogger outreach, our team tested multiple campaigns internally and came to the conclusion that Google prefers websites with higher linking root domains and traffic than websites with simply a high domain authority.

Many times these high domain authority websites have high domain authority due to their age but are not necessarily active and don't have other domains linking to them on a monthly basis.

Link Building Foundation: OneSEO Backlinks have now been rebranded to "Link Building Foundation" in an attempt to help our users understand that this product is better suited for websites that have not built links recently or are brand new.

A good way to use this product is in combination with our manual blogger outreach service. A small but effective campaign we see clients often opt for is 5 manual blogger outreach per month to target your main keywords and 1 order of our link building foundation which includes 15 links to help diversify and incorporate long-tailed keywords into their anchor texts.

New SEO Products Added

Premium Content Writing: This is probably one of our most underrated product. Many companies will outsource their content writing overseas which makes absolutely no sense. If you truly want to engage your U.S or English speaking audience, the content must be researched and written by a professional U.S writer. SEO companies love to compromise on quality and outsource their content writing orders overseas, then they ask themselves why their clients don't continue ordering from them.

Our content is not the cheapest in the industry, but do you really want to take the cheap route when it comes to content? Will you feel confident and proud of your website is your readers are trying to decipher the grammar on your blog articles?

We already writing content for our clients so this product was a no brainer.

Managed SEO Services: After continuously signing up clients to custom SEO packages campaigns and fully managing it we decided to include the most popular packages on our website.

These include a combination of manual blogger outreach, link foundation and high-quality content for your blog that all work directly with each other. Supporting our strategy is a monthly SEO ranking report and a continuously reshaping SEO campaign to match your progress.

If you are looking for a truly hands-free, aggressive and cost-effective campaign this is it. The value we provide on these packages are heavily discounted and some of our white label agency clients are charging 2-3x to their direct clients.

Products Removed

OneSEO Authority: Removed due to its gray hat SEO nature. Something we strongly want to stay away from.

OneSEO Link Boost: Removed because our Link Building Foundation can handle the same idea behind the boost. If you want to boost the links from our blogger outreach to your website you can wait until your blogger outreach order are delivered and then purchase a boost to your blogger outreach blog posts in order to increase the power of the link to your website.

Here is an image to demonstrate the strategy of a boost orders:

link boost sample

Design Look & Feel

The overall design of the website has been simplified and clean fonts have been implemented.

Coming Soon

The user dashboard codebase has been restructured. Our team is currently developing a campaign section on a different GitHub branch which will allow our subscribers to easily track and manage their campaigns and SEO progress.

Reach out to us if you have any questions. Cheers!

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