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Should I Diversify My Link Signals?

Published on July 02, 2019
by Samer Awada

Say you are accused of something heinous. Something that you would never do. The authorities do not know that you would never do that. Sometimes the courts call in character witnesses. These are people who take the stand and swear to your upright moral position. Now these character witnesses themselves can give the court insight into the kind of person you are. Some character witnesses are unacceptable. For example, a felon could think you are a saint among mortals. That opinion would not matter to the court. The character witness also has to be a morally upright person.

The point of that story is to explain what link signals are. These are connections whose strength or weakness displays the authority and quality of a website. The search engine judges how important or trustworthy a particular site is by the kind and number of links. Talk about the company you keep. A site with high domain authority and page authority will have very strong link signals. Therefore, this site will rank higher on search results than those of lower standing. There are many kinds of link signals.

News Related Links

A mention on the news is as good as an advert. However, to get a mention on the news is not easy. Now note, we do not mean merely having an ad play on a commercial break during news hour. I mean being a part, no matter how little, of the news. Being a news item or snippet.

There are several ways. The first is that you can actually give news. That is, provide new and compelling information. Information worth telling to the public. You should also go for the human appeal. Your content should be clear. Most of all, think about the timing. Providing compelling information at the right time is key to getting it on air. Knowing people is good too. The more popular the site is, the higher the chance material from the site will be aired even in small snippets.

Social Links

Now this involves social media mentions, shares, and likes. Facebook, Twitter and even community sites like Reddit and Tumblr. Post daily. Use images. Make your social media pages interactive. Even a contest would probably trend if done right. Human beings are competitive.

Niche Article Backlinks

There are industry-specific pieces written by experts. They are usually well researched and are aimed at a specific target audience. This means that a mention in such an article will bring a very specific kind of interest. Therefore ensure to be relevant, useful and accurate.


Each kind of mention has its own specific advantages so there is no telling which is superior. They are applicable for different purposes. Experts’ advice diversification. There is strength in spreading SEO efforts.

Drive Traffic

Notice that all these kinds of mentions are aimed at driving traffic to the site. In fact, all of SEO is aimed at driving traffic to the site. Even the newly integrated aspect of user experience is meant to drive traffic. I mean who is going to go back to a site they hated using, right? Now imagine getting visitors from varied mentions. You get visitors from news mentions, social mentions and all other kinds of mentions. That would not only increase the number of people sent to that site. It would also ensure that someone gets to the site.

It is akin to dividing up your eggs and putting them in different baskets. One might wear out at the bottom and have the eggs fall and break. Then you will still have the eggs in other baskets, right?

1. Trustworthiness

Remember the story at the beginning? Do you really think that the court would have trouble believing you are a good person incapable of the crime? Even after hearing it from different people who do not know each other?

The stronger and more diversified the link signals the more the search engine will perceive the site as good quality. It will be perceived as authoritative. The search engine will assume the content is top notch and trustworthy. That this site is not just a mirage of some sort. Guess what is trusted by the search engine means? It means a higher ranking.

2. Authority

Now, if a member of the clergy vouches for your morality, you are as well as acquitted. This person is considered a moral authority. The same goes for websites. Websites with a higher authority would rank higher than one with not. The above two reasons for diversification will surely help achieve a higher domain and page authority. You could post a picture of a box of hair and it would reach a large crowd. The news related mentions are the perfect example of linking to authoritative sites.


You should definitely diversify your link signals. The process should be strategic and meticulous though.

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