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Why Is SEO Still The Best Way To Scale an Online Business?

Published on July 02, 2019
by Samer Awada

Ever wonder how link building helps when it comes to ranking your website? There are many SEO Gurus, consultants, and agencies that will charge you for an SEO campaign and never even built links for you. This is one of the reasons that many of them can’t retain their clients.

Link building is expensive, and Google wants to see many links pointing to your website. Any link won’t cut it though; building links should be done carefully. If links are coming from non-reputable websites then your website rankings can be damaged.

What is the purpose of your website?

Let’s say you own an online business. Any for-profit online business’s end goal is to generate revenue. Whether you are looking to increase foot traffic to your store, increase online sales for your product or service or generate leads in order for your sales team to follow up, the end result/goal is to convert a percentage of your traffic into revenue.

Why is search traffic better than paid search ads?

Nowadays, anyone can build a website but not everyone can successfully market and increase conversions on it. When you want to find something online you will most likely use the Google Search Engine since it’s the most popular one out there. When you hit search for your keyword/phrase you will get 10 organic search results along with a few ads at the top and bottom of the page. Let’s ignore the ads for now.

The top 10 search results on Google will be on the first page. This is where you should be ranking for your own “money keywords”. Money keywords are search phrases that will most likely result in a conversion or a sale on your website. The more keywords you rank for on the first page the higher your organic search traffic your website will receive and the higher your conversions will be.

As you may have noticed, Google search ads are a huge revenue stream for Google but not necessarily to you. They are very expensive and very hard to optimize to perfection. You have landing pages to think about, split testing, campaign management fees, keyword research, click adjustments and many other factors that if they are not all working in sync will not yield you any conversions or if they do they will probably be very expensive. Imagine selling a $50 product, and each sale is costing you about $65-$100 after shipping, it just wouldn’t make sense.

Now let’s say you are ranking on the first page of Google for your top keywords. Let’s say on average you are driving 2000 users/month for free. SEO is all about the initial upfront investment this includes:

When these two work hand-in-hand the results are magnificent! Your website will organically move up the search results and your traffic will begin to increase along with your sales and conversions.

Generally, your organic traffic will naturally convert much higher than paid traffic due to its authenticity. Users who find your website naturally will be much more inclined to buy from you as opposed to landing on your product page or landing page after clicking on an ad and forcing a product or a form being filled down their throat. It’s just not the same when a user naturally finds you online.

How does link building work & why is it important to grow a business?

Link Building For SEO

Links are the bread and butter of your search ranking results. For a website to index properly and successfully on Google Search, other websites must be talking about it. As long as the other websites are not penalized, have been around for a while (Aged Domains), push quality content regularly then your website is safe to acquire links from them. These are websites recognized by Google as industry authorities and any website they mention or link to should be considered as one too.

How many links do you need?

One link just won’t cut it, especially if your website is brand new. You need to work your way up but on average, we have seen websites begin ranking very well 3 months after they start acquiring quality links.

If you are not 100% sure how to go about building backlinks and begin ranking, you can always contact us using our form or email me directly: info@oneSEO.iowe love helping our subscribers and will do it for free. We can help guide you in the right direction.

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