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How to Sell SEO and Link Building to Small Businesses

Published on July 02, 2019
by Samer Awada

SEO and link building are fairly new practices. Unless one is actually in the field, they will need handholding and extensive explanation. This is especially true if your client is a baby boomer. Keep in mind that a small business wants to be mindful of spending. They will not want to spend money on something that they do not understand. Your capability as a salesperson and grasp of SEO strategies and techniques will be called into question in such a scenario.

There are seven steps in the sales process. Before embarking on a sales journey, ensure to have a proper grasp of all seven. This will prevent you from making seemingly mundane but fatal mistakes. Like physical appearance for example. Or giving up after the first rejection. These two not only show that you are not a good sales person but also speak to your dedication to the cause. We are going to break the steps into three parts for a better understanding of the process.

  1. Prepare Your SEO Strategy

This is all about strategizing and research. It is about preparation. The first step in the sales process is prospecting. This is where you do your research on the target company. Do they need SEO and link building? Can they afford to pay for the service? What are the struggles of the company? How can SEO strategies and techniques like link building impact this company?

The second step is preparation. Props are highly recommended for sales pitches. Prepare your PowerPoint and your pamphlets. Be well knowledgeable. Ensure to picture some hypothetical. Like questions that could come up or concerns that might hinder closing. Do extensive researching on the company. Know your stuff.

  1. Keep it Professional

Physical appearance is very important. Your presentation does not begin when you start speaking. Your presentation begins as soon as you walk in the door. Your appearance will create a character to build on. This is not to say that a suit is mandatory. Be clean and presentable. Look professional. Look like someone who understands the subject. Project confidence. Observe proper posture and smile appropriately. Be eloquent. Convince them to believe and trust you. Be approachable. Be authoritative

The third step is the approach. There are three kinds of approach. One where you offer a gift once you walk in the door. The second is where you ask a question as a way to spark interest. You may ask about past experiences with SEO. This should provide a direction for your pitch. The third is where you offer a sample or free trial. Your research should guide you toward the most effective method of approach. Whatever the approach, give it a personal touch. It should be captivating with a touch of humor.

  1. Superb Delivery & Presentation

The fourth step in the process is the presentation. You have your client's ear, what then? Most people make the mistake of selling SEO and link building. Stop. Sell the benefits. The client will probably not remember what SEO stands for. But, they will remember all the benefits and advantages to their business. They will remember the value this service brings to their business. Try to communicate in a language he or she understands. For example, do not merely tell them they will make profits. Give them a hypothetical. "If we get started today, within a month there is a 90% probability that you will have gained three more customers. Each customer will bring $X in sales. By the end of that month, sales will have gone up by $3X due to the link building alone.” Numbers like that are easy to understand and will light a fire under their seats. Most of all, keep it as simple as possible. Do not outline your actions as it may get too technical then you will have lost the room. Answer questions patiently.

There is always a chance of rejection. It is estimated that it takes five follow-ups for a prospect to become a client. The fifth step is thus all about handling objections and rejection. Address the concerns of the client. If they talk about another contract, you can offer a comparison of yours and that other business. You could offer a link building free trial. Wash away skepticism. Turn that objection around before it becomes a full-blown rejection.

The sixth step is closing. This step is all about the art of that final push. Then the seventh is follow up. Keep in touch with the client. Maintain the relationship. Stay on the mind of the client so that yours is the first name out of their mouth when SEO and link building comes up.


SEO is not a cookie cutter solution. Remember to pay attention to customer needs then tailor your actions to that. Understand the requirements and aim of each of these steps for a higher chance of success. Whether you get the account or not, leave the client educated. Entrepreneurs are always open to new ways to improve their business.

If you need help selling SEO or have questions about our link building or blogger outreach service, don't hesitate to shoot us an email to info@oneseo.io

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