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Sep 25, 2018

How To Choose A White Label SEO Reseller Company

There are a few things you should be looking at when choosing to hand off your valuable clients off to another SEO company. There are also many benefits to doing so. Most agencies prefer to hand-off their SEO to a company that only provides SEO. For example here at OneSEO, all we do is Search Engine Optimization for our clients. We have built hundreds of connections with publishers and bloggers in almost every online niche. This allows us to lower our cost and lower our prices, but retain the same high-quality SEO value and service.

Benefits Of Hiring A White Label Search Engine Optimization Company

Scalability! If you want to scale your digital agency you will need to lower your overheads and focus on acquiring high paying clients. If a really high amount of your time is dedicated to acquiring backlinks and reaching out to blogs to have them place backlinks to your client's websites, you will inevitably slow down on the business development and client acquisition part of your business. 

You will also be able to deliver much faster and your clients will remain with you much longer which will decrease your CHURN Rate, increase your customer's lifetime value (LTV) and increase your company's revenue. 

Reliability & Deliverability Of Your SEO Services

Let's start with reliability. When you choose an SEO company to handoff your tedious and time-consuming link building work and SEO tasks, it's good to ask about the following things:

  1. Is your company based in the United States?

    SEO companies have a tendency of being off-shore, which is not good for your business, especially if you would like to scale some day. It's advisable that you build a relationship with your SEO reseller company in order to set expectations and grow together. 
  2. Turn around time & deliverability

    Make sure your SEO reseller has a very good turn around time. Anything under 2-weeks will be ideal. Link building for you might take much longer but if you are hiring an SEO company that only focuses on building links their turn around time should very fast in order for you to get the best bang for your buck. 

  3. White Label SEO Reports

    You will need to be able to show your work to your clients. Your SEO reseller company must be able to provide a report once your order is completed. Make sure to ask if a white-label report will be provided. A white label report is simply a report of your their work without any logo or branding attached to it. This way you can take their report and brand it with your logo and business values before delivering it to your clients to represent your work.

  4. Customer Service and Response Time

    It's advisable to always hire a company that you can build a long-term relationship with. You will need the ability to easily communicate with an account representative and have your questions answered within minutes or under 1-hour of their time. This will ensure that you can quickly provide answers to your clients if they have any SEO related question, and continue to move things down the pipeline. Fast turn around time and response rate allow your agency to quickly scale/grow.


Keep in mind all the key points mentioned above. Finding a company that is reliable, preferably based in the United States with a great turn around time and delivers white label SEO reports will ensure that your digital agency scales at a much faster rate. You will increase your client retention rate and your monthly/yearly revenue. 

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