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Finding a Link Building Solution Tailored For Your Business

Published on July 02, 2019
by Samer Awada

Before one can embark on finding custom link building solutions, there is a need to understand the importance of such. See, SEO and link building is not a cookie cutter operation. If a cookie-cutter approach is taken, the campaign will most certainly fail. Different companies have different priorities. They have different objectives. The competition landscapes vary across industries. Company A will not care about the same metrics as company B. To ensure the success of the campaign, the process has to be tailored to the specific company and niche. It has to properly and perfectly fit in with the objectives of the company. A tailored link building and content strategy campaign could help scale any business online. However, it all begins with picking the right company.

What to Look For

Interest in Learning

You can easily spot a good link building agency right from the get-go. The first thing they will be interested in is learning about their prospects. They will want to learn everything. They will ask about available resources. They will want to know the kind of timeline and budget they are working with. They will ask about other SEO practices including previous link building practices used. What has worked before? What was tried but failed? What seems promising? This will help them identify existing opportunities they can tap into. The link building tactics used must reflect on all these factors.

Keyword Research & Metrics

This is a very important part of SEO. It provides a way for one to measure progress and success. As the client, you must define your priorities as this will enlighten the agency on which metrics to set up. Are you interested in domain strength? This is the overall authority of the domain as determined by popularity, size and even age. The stronger it is the more impact it will have on SERP ranking for your own site. How about page rank? Exactly where is the page that links back to you positioned? The agency should pay special attention to this as it will determine the direction of the entire campaign.

Linkable Pages & Blog Articles

These are pages on your site that you can leverage for links. This should not be promotional. This is to say that it should not be all about brand. It should be audience-centric. It must be valuable to the user. Content should be in-depth and truthful. It should not read spammy. The more linkable assets a site has the easier link building will be. If there are none, you can begin to develop these pages or hire an SEO company to strategically write content for you.

Link Quality

This is the backdrop for the entire operation. It involves everything from preferred social channels to the type of audience your off-site content is being published on. These parameters change as one move across industries. Therefore all link building efforts should be tailored to fit each client. As the client, you must do your best to equip the SEO agency with resources and content to rank for. If your website needs fresh content then this is the first thing that must be done before any link is developed. 

Be Wary Of…

Black Hat Activity

If an agent always seems to come up with perfect anchor text links, you should investigate. Like the perfect things always seem to appear when needed. Find out exactly how this is happening. There could be some black hat activity going on. You should also ensure not to involve your site in buying and selling of links. This is frowned upon. Keep your eyes open so that your site is not penalized by Google for suspicion of unsavory practices.

Choosing Quantity in Content and Backlinks Over Quality is a Major No

You have a single source that increases traffic by 50%. Then you have a group of a hundred sources that only increase traffic by 25%. Which is better? You would rather have fewer connections of good quality than have too many that are only subpar. Choose good quality over quantity every time.

Cheaping Out

Do not compromise on quality by choosing a specific agency simply because they are cheaper. Cheap could mean low standards. Cheap could mean cutting corners. Cheap could mean lack of assurances. This is not to discount affordable services though. Just do your due diligence.

Beware of Overpromising

If you engage an agent who seems to be overconfident then it is best to proceed with caution or turn the other way and run. There is no certainty that a link building service and content strategy will increase traffic by a certain percentage. No one should promise a specific increment unless they are very very sure and done their research. No one can predict what Google might do next, but as long as you play by their rulebook you will be fine. 

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