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Are Press Releases Good For SEO?

Published on May 12, 2018
by Samer Awada

Running a press release for SEO or any company events can hugely benefit your rankings. One of the best things about your press article being distributed across hundreds of news outlets is the link distribution and diversity it provides. Even though many of the links on a press release will be a no-follow link it does not matter. We have found that links from Google News approved websites will have a direct impact on your site's rankings. 

Here is an image from SEMRush of a customer who saw huge gains after running OneSEO Press soon after launching a new line of products on his e-commerce website.

Press Release SEO Results

You can see from this image that his traffic more than doubled in two months from January 17 - March 17. He has, of course, had been constantly pushing quality content and acquired some solid high quality backlinks before which complimented his press release in order to gain these results. 

When Should I Run a Press Release?

A press release should run every time there is an actual event happening or important news that you think would be valuable to the public. If you're not sure about what you should cover in a press release, consider the following ideas to see if any apply to your business:

  1. Company acquisition 
  2. New product line release
  3. Merging of a company
  4. Celebrating an anniversary
  5. Receiving an award
  6. Receiving an appointment
  7. Participating in a pansophic event
  8. Introducing a unique strategy approach
  9. Announcing a partnership
  10. Changing the company or product name
  11. Earning recognition of the company, product or executives by a publication 
  12. Issuing a statement of position regarding a local, regional or national issue
  13. Launching a website
  14. Announcing free information available
  15. Restructuring your business model
  16. Sponsoring a workshop or seminar
  17. Announcing a major milestone
  18. Acquiring a significant new customer

What Can I Expect From a Press Release?

Google News LogoA press release can help you gain a huge amount of exposure. If the news is important enough you can potentially be picked up by major & recognized news outlets. For some reason Google loves this, if they see a burst of links going to your website from Google News approved websites you will more than likely see a significant gain in rankings. 

If you mix in high quality backlinks from niche industry websites we can almost 100% assure you that you will see significant movement in your target keywords. We have used this strategy so many times with so many different clients and it always works. Always!

How Can I Write and Distribute a Press Release?

One of the reasons that we included this service as one of our top 4 in our early release of OneSEO is because it's extremely good at boosting a website's search traffic. Aside from increasing your rankings, our clients are able to legitimately use the logos from the publishers. This builds an incredible amount of legitimacy with Google and your customers.

We have built extensive relationships with hundreds of news outlets and publishers so all you have to do is provide us with a few details about your business and our team will write a high quality content press release for you. Afte you approve the content we will send it out for distribution. Within a few weeks, a white label report will be sent with links and logos of all the news outlets that picked up your release.

Find out more & take the product tour of OneSEO Press here.

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